The Scarlet Letter (Unabridged)

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The Scarlet Letter is one of the great classics of American literature. One of the first, and most popular stories from 19th-century American literature, the book has been the subject of numerous film, television, and stage adaptations and is commonly found on school and university syllabi across the world. Set in the harsh Puritan environment of 17th-century Boston, it describes the plight of Hester Prynne, an independent-minded woman who stands alone against society. Having given birth to a child after an illicit affair, she refuses to name the father and is forced to wear the letter ‘A’ for Adulteress, embroidered on her dress. Adam Sims, experienced in radio, television and theatre performances, captures the elegance of Hawthorne’s rich and lyrical language.
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Barcode 9781781981627
Release date 9/14/2018
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 8
Classical Artist Sims, Adam
Disc: 1
The Scarlet Letter (Unabridged)08:43:00
1 The Scarlet Letter 00:00:10 Sims, Adam
2 The Custom-House 00:08:18 Sims, Adam
3 Cluster all these individuals together… 00:07:43 Sims, Adam
4 Doubtless, however, either of these stern… 00:08:15 Sims, Adam
5 The greater part of my officers were Whigs. 00:07:40 Sims, Adam
6 Looking at him merely as an animal… 00:08:31 Sims, Adam
7 To observe and define his character… 00:07:43 Sims, Adam
8 Bred up from boyhood in the Custom-House… 00:07:58 Sims, Adam
9 In the second storey of the Custom-House… 00:08:38 Sims, Adam
10 When thus perplexed - and cogitating… 00:08:05 Sims, Adam
Disc: 2
The Scarlet Letter (Unabridged)08:43:00
1 If the imaginative faculty refused to act… 00:08:06 Sims, Adam
2 Conscious of his own infirmity… 00:07:57 Sims, Adam
3 Then, moreover, as regarded his unceremonious… 00:05:58 Sims, Adam
4 1. The Prison Door 00:03:05 Sims, Adam
5 2. The Market-Place 00:08:26 Sims, Adam
6 The young woman was tall, with a figure… 00:06:46 Sims, Adam
7 The scene was not without a mixture of awe… 00:06:19 Sims, Adam
8 3. The Recognition 00:09:20 Sims, Adam
9 The other eminent characters by whom the chief… 00:10:28 Sims, Adam
Disc: 3
The Scarlet Letter (Unabridged)08:43:00
1 4. The Interview 00:07:17 Sims, Adam
2 She could not but tremble at these preparations… 00:08:15 Sims, Adam
3 5. Hester at Her Needle 00:08:27 Sims, Adam
4 Public ceremonies, such as ordinations… 00:06:38 Sims, Adam
5 Hester had schooled herself long and well… 00:06:39 Sims, Adam
6 6. Pearl 00:08:03 Sims, Adam
7 Heart-smitten at this bewildering and baffling… 00:07:17 Sims, Adam
8 Gazing at Pearl, Hester Prynne often dropped… 00:06:57 Sims, Adam
9 7. The Governor's Hall 00:10:52 Sims, Adam
Disc: 4
The Scarlet Letter (Unabridged)08:43:00
1 On the wall hung a row of portraits… 00:04:37 Sims, Adam
2 8. The Elf-Child and The Minister 00:09:14 Sims, Adam
3 ‘This is awful!' cried the Governor… 00:10:00 Sims, Adam
4 9. The Leech 00:11:06 Sims, Adam
5 In truth, he was startled, if not shocked… 00:11:22 Sims, Adam
6 10. The Leech and His Patient 00:11:09 Sims, Adam
7 Roger Chillingworth had by this time… 00:10:43 Sims, Adam
Disc: 5
The Scarlet Letter (Unabridged)08:43:00
1 11. The Interior of a Heart 00:08:34 Sims, Adam
2 It is inconceivable, the agony with which… 00:07:14 Sims, Adam
3 12. The Minister's Vigil 00:08:36 Sims, Adam
4 Shortly afterwards, the like grisly sense… 00:07:26 Sims, Adam
5 Nothing was more common, in those days… 00:08:13 Sims, Adam
6 13. Another View of Hester 00:08:43 Sims, Adam
7 The effect of the symbol… 00:09:40 Sims, Adam
8 14. Hester and the Physician 00:08:28 Sims, Adam
9 The unfortunate physician, while uttering… 00:05:27 Sims, Adam
Disc: 6
The Scarlet Letter (Unabridged)08:43:00
1 15. Hester and Pearl 00:13:34 Sims, Adam
2 16. A Forest Walk 00:12:34 Sims, Adam
3 17. The Pastor and his Parishioner 00:09:05 Sims, Adam
4 Hester felt that the sacrifice… 00:11:03 Sims, Adam
5 18. A Flood of Sunshine 00:13:00 Sims, Adam
6 19. The Child at the Brookside 00:04:32 Sims, Adam
Disc: 7
The Scarlet Letter (Unabridged)08:43:00
1 There were both truth and error… 00:09:56 Sims, Adam
2 20. The Minister in a Maze 00:12:59 Sims, Adam
3 Before the minister had time to celebrate… 00:10:56 Sims, Adam
4 21. The New England Holiday 00:08:39 Sims, Adam
5 Had they followed their hereditary taste… 00:10:20 Sims, Adam
6 22. The Procession 00:08:35 Sims, Adam
Disc: 8
The Scarlet Letter (Unabridged)08:43:00
1 Pearl either saw and responded to her… 00:07:11 Sims, Adam
2 At times this deep strain of pathos… 00:07:38 Sims, Adam
3 23. The Revelation of The Scarlet Letter 00:09:27 Sims, Adam
4 At this instant old Roger Chillingworth… 00:09:47 Sims, Adam
5 24. Conclusion 00:13:50 Sims, Adam
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