The Swiss Family Robinson (Abridged)

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An epic tale of adventure and survival, The Swiss Family Robinson has been a bestseller ever since it was published in 1812, just over 200 years ago. Written by Swiss pastor Johann David Wyss, it begins with a shipwreck. A boat carrying a family of settlers to a distant colony is driven onto a reef just off an uncharted tropical island. The sailors desert the ship in lifeboats, leaving the Swiss family on board. They weather the storm, build a makeshift raft of empty casks and head for the island. Once on dry land, they set about exploring their new surroundings. Using their wits and ingenuity, they build a new life together and make many amazing discoveries…
Item number NA0224
Barcode 9781843799467
Release date 4/8/2016
Category Young Adult
Number of units 4
Classical Artist Keeble, Jonathan
Disc: 1
The Swiss Family Robinson (Abridged)04:56:52
1 The Swiss Family Robinson 00:10:32 Keeble, Jonathan
2 All being ready, we cast off, and moved away… 00:10:42 Keeble, Jonathan
3 The voice of our vigilant cock roused me… 00:09:31 Keeble, Jonathan
4 After this delicious meal, Fritz having resumed… 00:09:00 Keeble, Jonathan
5 We did not, however, long enjoy this repose… 00:07:52 Keeble, Jonathan
6 We resigned ourselves to sleeping in our small boa 00:10:27 Keeble, Jonathan
7 Beneath the shelter of our tent… 00:06:22 Keeble, Jonathan
8 Next morning, the greatest activity instantly prev 00:06:34 Keeble, Jonathan
9 When dinner was over, I prepared our night quarter 00:07:32 Keeble, Jonathan
Disc: 2
The Swiss Family Robinson (Abridged)04:56:52
1 Next morning the children sprang about the tree… 00:09:23 Keeble, Jonathan
2 Next morning, Fritz prepared everything in readine 00:09:22 Keeble, Jonathan
3 Next morning my thoughts began to revert… 00:09:19 Keeble, Jonathan
4 By sunrise we were all astir… 00:12:51 Keeble, Jonathan
5 Six weeks slipped away while we were thus… 00:09:26 Keeble, Jonathan
6 As we repassed the rocky bed of a stream… 00:06:16 Keeble, Jonathan
7 One morning, we were suddenly alarmed by hearing… 00:07:31 Keeble, Jonathan
8 Week after week rolled by. 00:08:29 Keeble, Jonathan
9 We made preparations for an excursion… 00:05:43 Keeble, Jonathan
Disc: 3
The Swiss Family Robinson (Abridged)04:56:52
1 We proceeded to test the climbing powers… 00:08:18 Keeble, Jonathan
2 I was seated with my wife and Fritz… 00:05:08 Keeble, Jonathan
3 Out of this painful state we were at last delivere 00:08:23 Keeble, Jonathan
4 There remained much anxiety in my mind… 00:08:47 Keeble, Jonathan
5 All was ready for a start at an early hour… 00:10:01 Keeble, Jonathan
6 I awoke at dawn… 00:06:59 Keeble, Jonathan
7 I wished to make yet another excursion… 00:06:26 Keeble, Jonathan
8 Next morning early we examined our farmyard… 00:06:58 Keeble, Jonathan
9 Scarcely had I completed my pottery… 00:10:46 Keeble, Jonathan
Disc: 4
The Swiss Family Robinson (Abridged)04:56:52
1 Year followed year… 00:10:37 Keeble, Jonathan
2 Here ended the narrative; but next morning… 00:10:08 Keeble, Jonathan
3 Late in the evening we desisted from our labours… 00:07:45 Keeble, Jonathan
4 Five days passed, but Fritz still remained absent. 00:09:21 Keeble, Jonathan
5 When she was gone, and silence had been restored… 00:08:53 Keeble, Jonathan
6 Next morning as we assembled for breakfast… 00:08:22 Keeble, Jonathan
7 The rest of the day was occupied in making… 00:12:49 Keeble, Jonathan
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