The Thing on the Doorstep and Other Stories (Unabridged)

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Item number NA0110
Barcode 9781843796381
Release date 9/3/2013
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 4
Non-Classical Artist Roberts, William
Disc: 1
1 The Thing on the Doorstep and Other Stories 00:06:06 Roberts, William
2 Derby's parents took him abroad every summer… 00:04:40 Roberts, William
3 II 00:09:39 Roberts, William
4 III 00:08:56 Roberts, William
5 IV 00:07:55 Roberts, William
6 'Asenath - is there such a person?' 00:07:20 Roberts, William
7 V 00:05:55 Roberts, William
8 I shuddered as Derby paused. 00:06:32 Roberts, William
9 VI 00:07:57 Roberts, William
10 VII 00:05:21 Roberts, William
11 When I opened the door… 00:06:16 Roberts, William
Disc: 2
1 The Colour Out of Space 00:09:21 Roberts, William
2 It was then that I heard the story… 00:07:56 Roberts, William
3 They had uncovered what seemed to be the side… 00:05:24 Roberts, William
4 Winter came early… 00:06:34 Roberts, William
5 April brought a kind of madness to the country fol 00:07:35 Roberts, William
6 By September all the vegetation was fast crumbling 00:06:45 Roberts, William
7 Three days later Nahum burst into Ammi's kitchen… 00:07:12 Roberts, William
8 Commencing his descent of the dark stairs… 00:08:01 Roberts, William
9 The six men drove out in a democrat-wagon… 00:06:49 Roberts, William
10 All three horses outside… 00:07:33 Roberts, William
Disc: 3
1 At this point, as the column of unknown colour… 00:08:56 Roberts, William
2 They say the mental influences are very bad, too… 00:04:33 Roberts, William
3 The Outsider 00:06:05 Roberts, William
4 All at once, after an infinity… 00:06:26 Roberts, William
5 I now stepped through the low window… 00:06:47 Roberts, William
6 The Doom that Came to Sarnath 00:06:07 Roberts, William
7 The wonder of the world and the pride of all manki 00:06:24 Roberts, William
8 Each year there was celebrated in Sarnath the feas 00:06:59 Roberts, William
9 The Festival 00:08:47 Roberts, William
10 Pointing to a chair, table, and pile of books… 00:08:50 Roberts, William
11 Fainting and gasping, I looked at that unhallowed 00:09:08 Roberts, William
Disc: 4
1 The Rats in the Walls 00:06:52 Roberts, William
2 In 1921, as I found myself bereaved and aimless… 00:08:02 Roberts, William
3 A few of the tales were exceedingly picturesque… 00:07:39 Roberts, William
4 That night, dispensing as usual with a valet… 00:07:28 Roberts, William
5 With the two men I went down to the door… 00:07:30 Roberts, William
6 Norrys now took a lantern… 00:06:38 Roberts, William
7 I must be very deliberate now… 00:07:03 Roberts, William
8 Having grasped to some slight degree… 00:06:06 Roberts, William
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