The Third Round (Unabridged)

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Release date 1/1/2012
Category Spoken Word
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Booklet Author McMillan, Roy
Disc: 1
1 Chapter 1: In which the Metropolitan Diamond Syndi 00:06:49 McMillan, Roy
2 He replaced the receiver and stood for a moment… 00:06:18 McMillan, Roy
3 The three men strolled into the balcony… 00:06:09 McMillan, Roy
4 'As you probably know Mr. Blackton…' 00:06:03 McMillan, Roy
5 He beamed at us and then he commenced. 00:06:46 McMillan, Roy
6 Mr. Blackton said nothing. It was not his business 00:04:02 McMillan, Roy
7 'You heard?' He said, as he replaced the book. 00:07:13 McMillan, Roy
8 Chapter 2: In which Professor Goodman realises… 00:06:13 McMillan, Roy
9 'You know he made it,' said Algy quietly… 00:07:01 McMillan, Roy
10 Hugh Drummond laid no claim to being brilliant. 00:06:18 McMillan, Roy
11 The professor leaned forward… 00:07:00 McMillan, Roy
12 Hugh watched him cross the room… 00:08:13 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 2
1 Drummond watched the taxi swing round into King St 00:05:02 McMillan, Roy
2 Chapter 3: In which strange things happen… 00:05:58 McMillan, Roy
3 He started nervously as he heard the sound of voic 00:06:53 McMillan, Roy
4 He rose as if to leave… 00:05:07 McMillan, Roy
5 He realised suddenly that he had reached his desti 00:06:16 McMillan, Roy
6 It was three-quarters of an hour before the door o 00:06:11 McMillan, Roy
7 Which was a kindly thought on the part of the parl 00:05:24 McMillan, Roy
8 An hour later Edward Blackton was seated at his de 00:06:34 McMillan, Roy
9 Chapter 4: In Which Mr. William Robinson arrives… 00:07:10 McMillan, Roy
10 The whole thing had come with such startling sudde 00:06:01 McMillan, Roy
11 He opened the door of his room, and Algy looked up 00:06:24 McMillan, Roy
12 Drummond swung round in time to see… 00:07:27 McMillan, Roy
13 To be exact, he was just putting the last final to 00:04:43 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 3
1 'One moment Mr. Blackton,' cried Sir Raymond… 00:04:58 McMillan, Roy
2 Chapter 5: In which Mr. William Robinson loses… 00:07:28 McMillan, Roy
3 Professor Goodman's face went grey… 00:06:26 McMillan, Roy
4 And it was a full minute before Mr. Robinson… 00:07:06 McMillan, Roy
5 Whatever may have been his thoughts… 00:06:40 McMillan, Roy
6 Chapter 6: In which Hugh Drummond loses… 00:05:54 McMillan, Roy
7 He rambled on while Drummond, having read the lett 00:07:31 McMillan, Roy
8 'Seems a bona fide show, Algy,' he remarked… 00:04:08 McMillan, Roy
9 And so it is unnecessary to emphasise the fact… 00:05:16 McMillan, Roy
10 But Drummond wasn't even listening. 00:04:31 McMillan, Roy
11 Completely exhausted she sank into a chair… 00:04:43 McMillan, Roy
12 Which was where the error occurred. 00:05:41 McMillan, Roy
13 With a wave of his hand he was gone… 00:07:29 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 4
1 And it was a very puzzled young man who finally re 00:02:38 McMillan, Roy
2 Chapter 7: In which Drummond takes a telephone cal 00:06:07 McMillan, Roy
3 He broke off and waited. 00:06:16 McMillan, Roy
4 But it takes two people to terminate an interview… 00:04:05 McMillan, Roy
5 On one point at any rate… 00:05:57 McMillan, Roy
6 For a moment or two he stood staring at it. 00:06:13 McMillan, Roy
7 But there was no darkness in the house as he searc 00:06:04 McMillan, Roy
8 Another thing occurred to Drummond also… 00:06:50 McMillan, Roy
9 Chapter 8: In which Drummond plays a little game… 00:07:28 McMillan, Roy
10 Freyder grinned as he watched Mr. Robinson… 00:05:48 McMillan, Roy
11 The heat in the room was stifling… 00:05:49 McMillan, Roy
12 With a benevolent smile he walked over to the bell 00:06:13 McMillan, Roy
13 He gave a sigh of relief. 00:06:42 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 5
1 Chapter 9: In which Professor Goodman has a trying 00:05:45 McMillan, Roy
2 'Sit down, Professor,' he said gently… 00:07:41 McMillan, Roy
3 Mr. Robinson, having delivered himself… 00:06:56 McMillan, Roy
4 For a moment or two Mr. Robinson did not reply… 00:07:26 McMillan, Roy
5 Already the sweat was running down both their face 00:05:48 McMillan, Roy
6 For a moment or two Mr. Robinson stood motionless… 00:06:07 McMillan, Roy
7 Chapter 10: In which Drummond goes on board… 00:06:18 McMillan, Roy
8 Why were they torturing him? 00:04:25 McMillan, Roy
9 And at that very moment the principal part… 00:07:55 McMillan, Roy
10 It was one of his assets that he could do… 00:06:50 McMillan, Roy
11 A sudden shuffling step in the passage outside… 00:05:25 McMillan, Roy
12 The car had stopped; he could hear the driver talk 00:05:14 McMillan, Roy
Disc: 6
1 Chapter 11: In which Drummond leaves the SS Gadfly 00:05:56 McMillan, Roy
2 Drummond saw him focus a pair of field glasses… 00:06:44 McMillan, Roy
3 'Man overboard. Lower a boat…' 00:06:14 McMillan, Roy
4 He nosed the motorboat through the water… 00:05:33 McMillan, Roy
5 The thing in the water was one of the large wooden 00:07:03 McMillan, Roy
6 Chapter 12: In which Drummond samples… 00:05:04 McMillan, Roy
7 The President of the Metropolitan Diamond Syndicat 00:07:28 McMillan, Roy
8 From a large cupboard occupying most of one wall… 00:06:19 McMillan, Roy
9 He turned again to Drummond. 00:06:55 McMillan, Roy
10 'It took a bit of thinking out,' admitted Drummond 00:06:31 McMillan, Roy
11 The seconds dragged by and Blackton stared… 00:06:30 McMillan, Roy
12 Drummond pulled himself together… 00:05:35 McMillan, Roy
13 Chapter 13: In which Drummond receives an addition 00:03:33 McMillan, Roy
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