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Get carried away to the luminously blue Aegean Sea, its charming islands, fascinating history, temples and amphitheaters by dynamic songs, tinkling bouzoukis, lyras, and other ethnic and contemporary instruments. Greece attracts and fascinates multitudes of visitors who enjoy its ancient architecture, landscapes, coastlines, culture and music, not to forget the delicious food. With Greece’s situation connecting Europe and Asia Minor, the country’s music has integrated influences from the whole region and has developed its own, very distinct and recognizable timbre and charm. Artists featured on this release include Michalis Terzis, one of the most important and prolific contemporary Greek composers, Vasilis Skoulas, who hails from the island of Crete and is deeply steeped in the region’s musical tradition, The Athenians, a group of Greek musicians whose musical repertoire encompasses contemporary songs and Greek popular music, The Marcians, the Bouzouki duo consisting of Theo Hambi and Andreas, Michael, and more. This is authentic Greek music at its very best.
Item number EUCD2796
Barcode 5019396279629
Release date 6/22/2018
Category World
Number of units 1
Classical Composer Terzis, Michalis
Ensemble Marcians
The Athenians
Disc: 1
Edo tha meinoume00:04:00
1 Edo tha meinoume 00:03:37 Skoulas, Vasilis Terzis, Michalis
2 Topkapi 00:03:20 The Athenians
Na Xanarhondousan Xana00:00:00
3 Na Xanarhondousan Xana 00:02:54 Marcians
4 Palamakia 00:04:08 Talking to Charos
Sta chronia tou othona00:04:24
5 Sta chronia tou othona 00:04:18 The Athenians
The Dance of the Fisherman00:00:00
6 The Dance of the Fisherman 00:02:19 Terzis, Michalis Terzis, Michalis
7 Dipsis 00:02:52 Paphiti, Savvas
Doxa to Theo00:02:49
8 Doxa to Theo 00:02:50 The Athenians
Stou volou tis akroyialies - Mi mou les yiate xehn00:03:00
9 Stou volou tis akroyialies - Mi mou les yiate xehn 00:03:08 Marcians
Psila petaei o aetos00:04:00
10 Psila petaei o aetos 00:04:24 Terzis, Michalis Skoulas, Vasilis
Chassaposerviko politiko00:04:00
11 Chassaposerviko politiko 00:03:37 The Athenians
Milo mou kokino (My red apple)00:00:00
12 Milo mou kokino 00:02:59 Mousson, Pieridon Estia
Blue Athens00:03:45
13 Blue Athens 00:03:45 Terzis, Michalis
Siko Chorepse Sirtaki00:03:30
14 Siko chorepse Syrtaki 00:03:27 The Athenians
Ta leromena t'aplyta00:00:00
15 Ta leromena t'aplyta 00:07:13 Talking to Charos
Kotsaris (arr. M. Terzis)00:00:00
16 Kotsaris 00:03:37 Terzis, Michalis
Mathe pyia00:00:00
17 Mathe Pyia 00:02:22 Marcians
Kardia malamatenia00:00:00
18 Kardia malamatenia 00:03:01 Terzis, Michalis
Alexis Sorbas00:03:48
19 Zorba the Greek 00:03:45 The Athenians
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