The Vikings (Unabridged)

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Item number NA0045
Barcode 9781843794868
Release date 5/1/2011
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 2
Reader Marsh, Joe
Disc: 1
1 Chapter 1: 'Preserve us, Oh Lord, from the fury of 00:05:36 Marsh, Joe
2 A great deal of what we know about the Vikings… 00:05:31 Marsh, Joe
3 Chapter 2: Raiders and Traders, Farmers and Lawmak 00:06:21 Marsh, Joe
4 This trade flourished for several hundred years. 00:06:04 Marsh, Joe
5 However, not all Scandinavians went a-viking. 00:04:44 Marsh, Joe
6 The next class up was freemen. 00:05:42 Marsh, Joe
7 At the very top of Viking society were the chiefta 00:07:50 Marsh, Joe
8 Chapter 3: Skalds and Eddas 00:05:15 Marsh, Joe
9 After one raid, Egil somehow got left behind… 00:05:13 Marsh, Joe
10 Egil grew bored with his life as a farmer… 00:04:52 Marsh, Joe
11 The Myths of the Norsemen 00:05:54 Marsh, Joe
12 This is, more or less, how all the stories of the 00:06:34 Marsh, Joe
13 The most feared of Viking warriors were called Ber 00:04:52 Marsh, Joe
Disc: 2
1 Loki is the most mysterious of the Norse Gods. 00:05:57 Marsh, Joe
2 The death of Baldur was the beginning of the end. 00:04:10 Marsh, Joe
3 Chapter 4: The Conquest of England, the 'Great Arm 00:06:09 Marsh, Joe
4 At the same time, Viking raids on the islands of O 00:06:41 Marsh, Joe
5 Bjorn parted with Hastein now… 00:05:24 Marsh, Joe
6 When the Ragnarssons arrived in England… 00:06:23 Marsh, Joe
7 Chapter 5: To the East, The Birth of Russia… 00:03:48 Marsh, Joe
8 The trade route from Ladoga… 00:05:21 Marsh, Joe
9 Chapter 6: Across the Atlantic, Iceland, Greenland 00:05:59 Marsh, Joe
10 Eric took to sea in a long ship… 00:06:22 Marsh, Joe
11 Chapter 7: Harald Hardrada The Last Viking 00:04:58 Marsh, Joe
12 Eventually, according to the saga, he caught the e 00:06:00 Marsh, Joe
13 Chapter 8: Kings and Kingdoms, Christianity… 00:03:28 Marsh, Joe
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