The Virgin and the Gypsy (Unabridged)

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Item number NA0028
Barcode 9781843794530
Release date 5/1/2011
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 3
Classical Artist Sutton, Georgina
Disc: 1
1 Chapter 1 00:06:14 Sutton, Georgina
2 The children were brought up in this atmosphere… 00:06:36 Sutton, Georgina
3 Chapter 2 00:07:11 Sutton, Georgina
4 So the months went by. 00:04:56 Sutton, Georgina
5 The crossword puzzles, invented by Satan himself… 00:03:44 Sutton, Georgina
6 Then in the afternoon Lottie and Ella and Bob Fram 00:06:53 Sutton, Georgina
7 Chapter 3 00:05:37 Sutton, Georgina
8 The party had been silent for some time. 00:05:39 Sutton, Georgina
9 The gypsy man had been sitting loosely… 00:04:35 Sutton, Georgina
10 The woman took two wooden stools… 00:05:30 Sutton, Georgina
11 So, with curiosity, she followed the woman up the 00:04:40 Sutton, Georgina
Disc: 2
1 Chapter 4 00:06:50 Sutton, Georgina
2 When things went very wrong… 00:05:24 Sutton, Georgina
3 Hate kindled her heart, as she lay with numbed lim 00:07:17 Sutton, Georgina
4 Granny, who had been in a semi-coma… 00:04:32 Sutton, Georgina
5 Then Aunt Cissie, livid, sprang upon Lucille… 00:04:35 Sutton, Georgina
6 Chapter 5 00:06:21 Sutton, Georgina
7 Aunt Cissie began to bargain for the candlestick… 00:05:14 Sutton, Georgina
8 The two girls started downstairs in state… 00:06:28 Sutton, Georgina
9 She remained soft and remote in her amazement. 00:06:31 Sutton, Georgina
10 Chapter 6 00:05:55 Sutton, Georgina
11 He put down his tools and the pot, and rose from t 00:05:34 Sutton, Georgina
12 Obediently she went to the stool by the fire… 00:05:58 Sutton, Georgina
13 Behind her the two men were talking briefly. 00:05:29 Sutton, Georgina
Disc: 3
1 Chapter 7 00:05:06 Sutton, Georgina
2 'What is it Lucille,' she asked… 00:05:47 Sutton, Georgina
3 Yvette did not tell the rector, or Granny… 00:04:45 Sutton, Georgina
4 'Do you mean to say you don't know what love is?' 00:05:02 Sutton, Georgina
5 Chapter 8 00:07:26 Sutton, Georgina
6 She looked at him, as he stood there… 00:05:38 Sutton, Georgina
7 It was Granny whom she came to detest with all her 00:07:50 Sutton, Georgina
8 The second time, she met the gypsy by accident. 00:04:42 Sutton, Georgina
9 Chapter 9 00:06:28 Sutton, Georgina
10 The sun was yellowing to decline. 00:06:05 Sutton, Georgina
11 With a low thud like thunder… 00:04:32 Sutton, Georgina
12 Yvette, naked, shuddering so much that she was sic 00:04:53 Sutton, Georgina
13 Chapter 10 00:05:14 Sutton, Georgina
14 She was tugging at her hair when the policeman tap 00:05:38 Sutton, Georgina
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