Titus Alone (Abridged)

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Item number NA0064
Barcode 9781843795421
Release date 7/1/2011
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 4
Reader Degas, Rupert
Disc: 1
1 To north, south, east or west, turning at will… 00:08:07 Degas, Rupert
2 The city was beginning to turn in its sleep… 00:04:54 Degas, Rupert
3 Muzzlehatch had rolled out of the driver's seat… 00:05:54 Degas, Rupert
4 Sickened but thrilled, Titus took a step… 00:05:54 Degas, Rupert
5 He made his way back across the quadrangle… 00:06:17 Degas, Rupert
6 Bewildered, startled as he was, Titus began to lau 00:06:12 Degas, Rupert
7 It was very lucky for all concerned… 00:06:31 Degas, Rupert
8 Inspector Acreblade was trying very hard to follow 00:06:07 Degas, Rupert
9 'Then to hell with you child,' said Muzzlehatch. 00:06:24 Degas, Rupert
10 In the late afternoon of the next day… 00:02:04 Degas, Rupert
11 The magistrate leaned forward on his elbows… 00:04:47 Degas, Rupert
12 The magistrate leaned forward and stared at the bo 00:07:04 Degas, Rupert
13 At first, what was it but an apprehension… 00:08:41 Degas, Rupert
Disc: 2
1 As he flung open the door of her room… 00:06:17 Degas, Rupert
2 The days moved by in a long, sweet sequence of lig 00:06:42 Degas, Rupert
3 So Titus fled from Juno. 00:06:05 Degas, Rupert
4 'There's something else, Mr. Muzzlehatch.' 00:06:09 Degas, Rupert
5 For all the noise of water overhead, there was sil 00:07:12 Degas, Rupert
6 Here, in this fern-hung chamber… 00:05:40 Degas, Rupert
7 'Now we can talk,' he said. 00:06:15 Degas, Rupert
8 Where Titus leaned against the wall… 00:05:44 Degas, Rupert
9 Now, with a corner of his gaze fixed on Titus… 00:06:33 Degas, Rupert
10 Titus got to his feet and turned to Muzzlehatch. 00:04:01 Degas, Rupert
11 They had to wait until dark before they dared to v 00:05:55 Degas, Rupert
12 Titus stamped his foot with anger… 00:04:22 Degas, Rupert
13 Juno had been sitting in her vine arbour for a lon 00:05:36 Degas, Rupert
Disc: 3
1 So Juno returned to her home… 00:08:45 Degas, Rupert
2 Meanwhile Titus, whose journeyings in search of hi 00:05:57 Degas, Rupert
3 There he lay in the dusk of the green room… 00:04:25 Degas, Rupert
4 One morning, not very long after he had fully reco 00:06:10 Degas, Rupert
5 As Titus thundered after her, he suddenly felt foo 00:06:34 Degas, Rupert
6 The violent death of Veil in the Under-River… 00:06:13 Degas, Rupert
7 Cheeta sat motionlessly at her peerless mirror… 00:05:05 Degas, Rupert
8 'We have been following you,' said Crack-Bell. 00:04:51 Degas, Rupert
9 When Cheeta and Titus came abreast, they stopped d 00:04:01 Degas, Rupert
10 'You cannot go,' she said. 00:05:23 Degas, Rupert
11 Juno has left her house by the river… 00:05:33 Degas, Rupert
12 Out of the fermentations of her brain… 00:04:32 Degas, Rupert
13 'I've got a feeling,' said Juno… 00:04:59 Degas, Rupert
14 The sky above the Black House was, of a sudden, fi 00:04:36 Degas, Rupert
Disc: 4
1 Titus was no longer in any mood for collaboration… 00:06:24 Degas, Rupert
2 Titus, who was about to have risen to his feet… 00:05:28 Degas, Rupert
3 Opening one eye as his body ached… 00:04:53 Degas, Rupert
4 Something was emerging from the forgotten room. 00:05:57 Degas, Rupert
5 While she was speaking, threE Major things took pl 00:06:23 Degas, Rupert
6 Then, suddenly, like something released… 00:06:34 Degas, Rupert
7 Titus was appalled at the scene. 00:05:44 Degas, Rupert
8 Sure enough it was taking on a life of its own. 00:05:15 Degas, Rupert
9 The dawn was now beginning to pick out the leaves… 00:04:44 Degas, Rupert
10 Muzzlehatch turned his great hewn face to the sky. 00:04:14 Degas, Rupert
11 Then a great hush came down upon the Black House… 00:04:44 Degas, Rupert
12 Juno was motionless. 00:05:34 Degas, Rupert
13 Hungry, weary, he made his solitary way… 00:05:03 Degas, Rupert
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