Titus Groan (Abridged)

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Item number NA0063
Barcode 9781843795407
Release date 2/1/2011
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 4
Reader Degas, Rupert
Disc: 1
1 Gormenghast taken by itself would have displayed… 00:07:23 Degas, Rupert
2 As Flay passed the curator on his way to the door… 00:05:33 Degas, Rupert
3 It was impossible for the apprentices to force the 00:05:43 Degas, Rupert
4 He peered at the immobile huddle of limbs. 00:04:40 Degas, Rupert
5 From his vantage point he was able to get a clear 00:07:47 Degas, Rupert
6 Her Ladyship, the seventy-sixth Countess of Groan… 00:04:06 Degas, Rupert
7 Every morning of the year… 00:04:43 Degas, Rupert
8 Mrs. Slagg entered. 00:05:30 Degas, Rupert
9 Leaving the tray on the mat outside… 00:03:13 Degas, Rupert
10 Mrs. Slagg made her way along the narrow stone pat 00:06:40 Degas, Rupert
11 Titus, under the care of Nannie Slagg and Keda… 00:06:58 Degas, Rupert
12 Tradition playing its remorseless part… 00:06:35 Degas, Rupert
13 Meanwhile, hiding behind a turn in the passage… 00:04:49 Degas, Rupert
14 Mr. Flay was possessed by two major vexations. 00:04:59 Degas, Rupert
Disc: 2
1 Yesterday had exhausted him… 00:04:18 Degas, Rupert
2 On the afternoon following her brother's birth… 00:06:25 Degas, Rupert
3 As she stood breathless beside the table… 00:06:03 Degas, Rupert
4 Mrs. Slagg was so agitated at the sight… 00:06:25 Degas, Rupert
5 The Doctor all this while had had his glass of cog 00:04:40 Degas, Rupert
6 As he returned through the hall his mind was so en 00:06:49 Degas, Rupert
7 Autumn returned to Gormenghast like a dark spirit… 00:02:50 Degas, Rupert
8 The library of Gormenghast was situated… 00:06:18 Degas, Rupert
9 At the same moment that Flay was leaving Fuchsia's 00:07:07 Degas, Rupert
10 Instead of crossing over to the Doctor's house… 00:06:45 Degas, Rupert
11 When Keda came back to her people… 00:07:25 Degas, Rupert
12 There was a discreet tapping at the twins' door. 00:06:42 Degas, Rupert
13 'And now you must tell me, dear ladies…' 00:06:25 Degas, Rupert
Disc: 3
1 On one excuse or another… 00:04:22 Degas, Rupert
2 It happened on the day of Steerpike's second dayli 00:07:42 Degas, Rupert
3 The crags of the mountain were ruthless… 00:06:10 Degas, Rupert
4 There had been a slight but perceptible lifting… 00:06:05 Degas, Rupert
5 Suddenly not only was Irma seized… 00:06:14 Degas, Rupert
6 Prunesquallor did what he could to help Mrs. Slagg 00:04:48 Degas, Rupert
7 The Doctor and Flay, leaping forward, half caught 00:06:03 Degas, Rupert
8 One evening, several weeks after the burning… 00:05:30 Degas, Rupert
9 Unable to reconcile the heroism of Steerpike's res 00:04:08 Degas, Rupert
10 It was only when the coffin stood near the gravesi 00:04:24 Degas, Rupert
11 About a week after Sourdust's burial… 00:06:03 Degas, Rupert
12 Spring has come and gone… 00:05:29 Degas, Rupert
13 Suddenly a voice comes from the mouth. 00:04:07 Degas, Rupert
14 The morning light is strengthening… 00:07:48 Degas, Rupert
Disc: 4
1 Steerpike has some difficulty in finding Flay… 00:07:21 Degas, Rupert
2 Barquentine is unaware… 00:07:15 Degas, Rupert
3 It was four days since the Dark Breakfast… 00:05:53 Degas, Rupert
4 Wiping the sweat from his brow as he rose to his f 00:06:49 Degas, Rupert
5 They were about halfway to the Hall of Spiders… 00:05:56 Degas, Rupert
6 Swelter was running the flat of his hand along the 00:04:56 Degas, Rupert
7 Swelter, once his sense of balance was restored… 00:04:17 Degas, Rupert
8 Of the nightmare that followed it is needful to sa 00:05:50 Degas, Rupert
9 The inexplicable disappearance of both Lord Sepulc 00:05:28 Degas, Rupert
10 Something in a white shroud was moving towards the 00:04:34 Degas, Rupert
11 The day of the 'Earling' was a day of rain. 00:03:37 Degas, Rupert
12 Barquentine had started… 00:04:48 Degas, Rupert
13 In the arms of the woman on the shore… 00:06:09 Degas, Rupert
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