Traditional Songs from Britain & Ireland

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Saydisc presents this double album of traditional songs from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. The tracks have been curated from Saydisc’s extensive catalog, and only the very best have been included. Native and traditional musicians are featured on this release, offering up an authentic experience, with artists such as The McPeake Family Trio, Ray Fisher, Margaret Barry, Siwsann George, Thomas Hardy, and others performing. Lyrics to all of these songs are included in the liner notes, as well as translations for songs performed in traditional Welsh and Gaelic languages.
Item number CDSDL450
Barcode 5013133445025
Release date 4/5/2019
Category World
Number of units 2
Classical Artist Various Artists
Disc: 1
Though I Live Not Where I Love00:04:00
1 Though I Live Not Where I Love 00:03:48 Burgess, Paul Hooper, Nick Freya, Jo Locke, Kathryn
Maggie May00:02:00
2 Maggie May 00:02:23 Roberts, Bob Roberts, Bob
The Seeds of Love00:05:00
3 The Seeds of Love 00:04:39 Murphy, Julie Mellstock Band, The
Catch Me if you Can00:04:00
4 Catch Me if you Can 00:04:17 Lucena, Gef
A Blacksmith Courted Me00:05:00
5 A Blacksmith Courted Me 00:05:31 Rose Consort of Viols Freya, Jo
Spencer the Rover00:04:00
6 Spencer The Rover 00:04:24 Wedlock, Fred Wedlock, Fred Evans, Mike
I Wish, I Wish00:02:00
7 I Wish, I Wish 00:02:22 Townsend, Dave Dexter, Sally
The Foggy Dew00:03:00
8 The Foggy Dew 00:03:24 Mellstock Band, The Giles, Ian
Fourpence A Day00:02:00
9 Fourpence A Day 00:01:56 Freya, Jo Hooper, Nick Burgess, Paul
Old King Coal00:05:00
10 Old King Coal 00:04:32 Lucena, Gef Lucena, Gef
All Things Are Quite Silent00:03:00
11 All Things Are Quite Silent 00:02:43 Townsend, Dave Freya, Jo Headford, Flos Hooper, Nick Burgess, Paul
The Blarney Stone00:03:00
12 The Blarney Stone 00:02:41 Barry, Margaret Barry, Margaret
The Wild Mountain Thyme00:03:00
13 The Wild Mountain Thyme 00:03:04 McPeake Trio, The
Bonnie Irish Maid00:04:00
14 Bonnie Irish Maid 00:03:57 Lucena, Gef Lucena, Gef
The Wild Colonial Boy00:03:00
15 The Wild Colonial Boy 00:03:18 Barry, Margaret Barry, Margaret
The Magpie's Nest00:03:00
16 The Magpie's Nest 00:02:41 Kelly, Annie Jane
The Jug of Punch00:03:00
17 The Jug of Punch 00:02:45 McPeake Trio, The
She Moves Through the Fair00:05:00
18 She Moves Through the Fair 00:05:16 Barry, Margaret Barry, Margaret
When You Go To the Fair (Ma Theid Tu Un Aunaigh)00:03:00
19 When You Go To the Fair 00:02:38 Devaney, Hudie
Moses Ritoolarilay00:03:00
20 Moses Ritoolarilay 00:02:41 Barry, Margaret Barry, Margaret
Monaghan Fair00:02:00
21 Monaghan Fair 00:01:54 McPeake, Frank McPeake, Frank
My Singing Bird00:03:00
22 My Singing Bird 00:03:16 McPeake Trio, The
Disc: 2
Wark o' The Weavers00:06:00
1 Wark o' The Weavers 00:05:35 Kirkpatrick, John Fisher, Ray
Night Visiting Song00:04:00
2 Night Visiting Song 00:04:25 Fisher, Ray Fisher, Ray
Come A' Ye Tramps an' Hawkers00:03:00
3 Come A' Ye Tramps an' Hawkers 00:03:28 Stewart, Davie Stewart, Davie
Coulter's Candy00:03:00
4 Coulter's Candy 00:03:05 Fisher, Ray Fisher, Ray Ross, Colin
Bonnie Earl O'Moray00:02:00
5 Bonnie Earl O'Moray 00:01:48 Lucena, Gef Lucena, Gef
Willie's Fatal Visit00:05:00
6 Willie's Fatal Visit 00:05:11 Carthy, Martin Fisher, Ray
Floo'ers o' the Forest00:04:00
7 Floo'ers o' the Forest 00:04:25 Fisher, Ray Ross, Colin
The Lady o' the Dainty Doon-By00:03:00
8 The Lady o' the Dainty Doon-By 00:02:55 Robertson, Jeannie
Jute Mill Song00:03:00
9 Jute Mill Song 00:03:11 Fisher, Ray Ross, Colin
Annan Water00:05:00
10 Annan Water 00:04:37 Lucena, Gef Lucena, Gef
Baron O'Brackley00:04:00
11 Baron O'Brackley 00:04:26 Fisher, Ray Fisher, Ray
Adar Man y Mynydd (The Little Birds of the Mountai00:03:00
12 Adar Man y Mynydd (The Little Birds of the Mountai 00:03:07 George, Siwsann Matthews, Ceri Jones, Iolo
Hiraeth (Longing)00:03:00
13 Hiraeth (Longing) 00:02:54 George, Siwsann Matthews, Ceri
Titrwm Tatrwm00:03:00
14 Titrwm Tatrwm 00:03:21 George, Siwsann Matthews, Ceri Jones, Iolo Murphy, Julie
A Miner's Life00:04:00
15 A Miner's Life 00:03:49 Plater, Roger George, Siwsann Jones, Iolo
Y Gwcw Fach (Little Cuckoo)00:03:00
16 Y Gwcw Fach (Little Cuckoo) 00:02:40 Bowen, Robin Huw George, Siwsann
The Gower Wassail00:03:00
17 The Gower Wassail 00:02:35 Bate, Charlie
Can Merthyr (Merthyr Song)00:02:00
18 Can Merthyr (Merthyr Song) 00:02:22 George, Siwsann Eaton, Nigel
Blodau'r Flwyddyn (Flowers of the Year)00:02:00
19 Blodau'r Flwyddyn (Flowers of the Year) 00:01:34 Bowen, Robin Huw George, Siwsann
Hen Ferchetan (Old Maiden)00:02:00
20 Hen Ferchetan (Old Maiden) 00:01:55 Bowen, Robin Huw George, Siwsann Matthews, Ceri
Can y Cardi (The Cardiganshire Man's Song)00:03:00
21 Can y Cardi (The Cardiganshire Man's Song) 00:02:40 Plater, Roger George, Siwsann
Llangollen Market00:04:00
22 Llangollen Market 00:03:39 Bowen, Robin Huw George, Siwsann Jones, Iolo
Lisa Lan (Fair Lisa)00:04:00
23 Lisa Lan (Fair Lisa) 00:03:41 Bowen, Robin Huw George, Siwsann Matthews, Ceri Jones, Iolo
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