TREMAIN, R.: Restoration (Abridged)

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Item number NA697612
Barcode 9789626349762
Release date 8/1/2009
Category Spoken Word
Number of units 6
Reader Degas, Rupert
Disc: 1
1 I am, I discover, a very untidy man. 00:03:48 Degas, Rupert
2 There was a beginning to the story… 00:06:45 Degas, Rupert
3 3. My father was appointed glovemaker… 00:07:04 Degas, Rupert
4 4. It is not clear what started the fire… 00:07:27 Degas, Rupert
5 5. The fifth beginning is the strangest… 00:06:00 Degas, Rupert
6 On her wedding eve… 00:04:52 Degas, Rupert
7 How shall I describe my wedding? 00:06:10 Degas, Rupert
8 But I have not time to dwell on this… 00:05:12 Degas, Rupert
9 My stipend from the King as Celia's husband… 00:06:50 Degas, Rupert
10 The entry of Elias Finn into my life… 00:04:25 Degas, Rupert
11 The morning after the death of Minette… 00:04:41 Degas, Rupert
12 The following Friday, Finn did not appear… 00:06:11 Degas, Rupert
Disc: 2
1 After several weeks had passed… 00:04:21 Degas, Rupert
2 Pearce then dismounted, staggered a pace or two… 00:04:45 Degas, Rupert
3 I will now tell you that it had become my daily ha 00:04:09 Degas, Rupert
4 We stood staring at each other… 00:06:53 Degas, Rupert
5 When I awoke, very stiff and cold… 00:05:29 Degas, Rupert
6 I walked away from the Marigold Room… 00:02:31 Degas, Rupert
7 Some days passed during which I felt a welcome cal 00:05:30 Degas, Rupert
8 See me, then, enter the Physic Garden. 00:06:31 Degas, Rupert
9 The King gets up off his stool… 00:05:44 Degas, Rupert
10 Dinner time found me at the Leg Tavern… 00:07:17 Degas, Rupert
11 That night at the Old House… 00:05:59 Degas, Rupert
12 So it was then that I entered the room… 00:06:52 Degas, Rupert
Disc: 3
1 On Christmas day… 00:04:53 Degas, Rupert
2 I woke in some confusion. 00:04:56 Degas, Rupert
3 I began without more ado on the blood-letting… 00:04:00 Degas, Rupert
4 Two days later… 00:05:53 Degas, Rupert
5 Celia, in a dress of cream-coloured satin… 00:07:37 Degas, Rupert
6 It is now the 28th of January… 00:05:38 Degas, Rupert
7 I have slept a little. 00:05:57 Degas, Rupert
8 Whereas I had been boiling and burning… 00:04:22 Degas, Rupert
9 We rested two nights on our journey… 00:05:42 Degas, Rupert
10 I followed the King into the garden… 00:05:03 Degas, Rupert
11 And what of me? 00:04:45 Degas, Rupert
12 I have not returned to Bidnold… 00:04:12 Degas, Rupert
13 The New Bedlam, or Whittlesea Hospital… 00:05:07 Degas, Rupert
Disc: 4
1 A month has passed. 00:05:03 Degas, Rupert
2 And so I come to 'John'… 00:03:34 Degas, Rupert
3 And so my first day at Whittlesea began. 00:06:16 Degas, Rupert
4 Before the meetings, the Six Keepers… 00:05:01 Degas, Rupert
5 I did not know that on the evening… 00:06:34 Degas, Rupert
6 With the coming in of the month of May… 00:04:39 Degas, Rupert
7 Some days after this a great storm moved in… 00:04:59 Degas, Rupert
8 Recollected now, that day when I lost Danseuse… 00:05:53 Degas, Rupert
9 Two days later, Katherine was returned to Margaret 00:04:56 Degas, Rupert
10 When I woke the day we were to have dancing… 00:06:04 Degas, Rupert
11 That night in William Harvey… 00:05:41 Degas, Rupert
12 After that evening's meeting… 00:06:52 Degas, Rupert
Disc: 5
1 July came in… 00:05:53 Degas, Rupert
2 When I woke, on the morning after that first night 00:06:37 Degas, Rupert
3 What I began that night… 00:04:01 Degas, Rupert
4 A coffin was made for Pearce that day… 00:04:01 Degas, Rupert
5 Towards midday of the 10th of September… 00:07:26 Degas, Rupert
6 That night, I did not sleep. 00:06:36 Degas, Rupert
7 The warm weather that had returned the previous da 00:07:02 Degas, Rupert
8 It was only after several weeks of my wanderings… 00:06:35 Degas, Rupert
9 My birthday came again. 00:07:52 Degas, Rupert
10 As the astrologer had predicted… 00:04:17 Degas, Rupert
11 Then I began to give my orders… 00:05:11 Degas, Rupert
12 The baby was taken away by the midwife… 00:04:52 Degas, Rupert
Disc: 6
1 On the evening of that day… 00:05:08 Degas, Rupert
2 Some weeks passed… 00:06:46 Degas, Rupert
3 I can report to you that during this summer of 166 00:05:00 Degas, Rupert
4 I do not remember how many days passed… 00:05:44 Degas, Rupert
5 I begin to speak… 00:06:41 Degas, Rupert
6 No sooner had I said this… 00:03:52 Degas, Rupert
7 I stood still for a moment in the street… 00:05:04 Degas, Rupert
8 On the morning of Monday… 00:04:05 Degas, Rupert
9 I parted from him and Francis Elizabeth… 00:05:29 Degas, Rupert
10 I found two cold, airy rooms… 00:06:26 Degas, Rupert
11 So we trot down into Bidnold village… 00:05:51 Degas, Rupert
12 I am barefoot… 00:06:35 Degas, Rupert
13 The King gave a hoot of laughter… 00:04:32 Degas, Rupert
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