Twenty Years of New Blues for Piano

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At this time, Marcel Worms' project New Blues for Piano is coming to an end, twenty years after it began. More than 200 new blues pieces from around 50 different countries have been written for him. The composers were free to use or not to use the characteristic elements of the blues, such as blue notes, a certain series of chords, etc. Most pieces are completely written out while in others the performer is expected to improvise. On this first part of this album, a selection from the most recent repertory of new blues (2011-2016) can be heard. For the second part of this album, an anthology of pieces from the repertoire of the entire project that are most dear to Marel Worms and that he plays most often during his tours around the world.
Item number ZEF9650
Barcode 8717774570449
Release date 5/5/2017
Category Blues
Number of units 2
Classical Artist Worms, Marcel
Disc: 1
He's Not Here00:05:00
1 He's Not Here 00:05:28 Worms, Marcel
2 Lullablues 00:02:09 Worms, Marcel
Etude in Blue00:04:00
3 Etude in Blue 00:03:57 Worms, Marcel
4 Omi 00:05:41 Worms, Marcel
Kangaroo Valley Blues00:01:00
5 Kangaroo Valley Blues 00:00:47 Worms, Marcel
Bell Ringer Blues00:06:00
6 Bell Ringer Blues 00:06:24 Worms, Marcel
Sonatina in Blue00:03:00
7 Sonatina in Blue 00:03:27 Worms, Marcel
Still Time00:04:00
8 Still Time 00:03:43 Worms, Marcel
Earth Song00:04:00
9 Earth Song 00:03:56 Worms, Marcel
Waiting for Friday00:05:00
10 Waiting for Friday 00:04:31 Worms, Marcel
11 Azules 00:02:30 Worms, Marcel
Blue Johannes00:03:00
12 Blue Johannes 00:03:17 Worms, Marcel
East Blues00:05:00
13 East Blues 00:05:08 Worms, Marcel
14 Bloozjan 00:06:12 Worms, Marcel
Blues for Mike00:02:00
15 Blues for Mike 00:02:07 Worms, Marcel
The Early Bird00:06:00
16 The Early Bird 00:06:11 Worms, Marcel
Dear Friend00:06:00
17 Dear Friend 00:05:35 Worms, Marcel
Aunt Hagar's Blues00:02:56
18 Aunt Hagar's Blues 00:02:02 Worms, Marcel
Improvisation on Willow Weep for Me00:05:00
19 Improvisation on Willow Weep for Me 00:04:31 Worms, Marcel
Disc: 2
Silly Blooze00:06:00
1 Silly Blooze 00:05:31 Worms, Marcel
J'imali Wali00:05:00
2 J'imali Wali 00:04:39 Worms, Marcel
Blue Mask00:07:00
3 Blue Mask 00:07:15 Worms, Marcel
Worms Is Back!00:03:00
4 Worms Is Back! 00:02:44 Worms, Marcel
Honky Blues00:03:00
5 Honky Blues 00:02:48 Worms, Marcel
What's Next00:02:00
6 What's Next 00:02:02 Worms, Marcel
Afro-Arab Blues00:04:00
7 Afro-Arab Blues 00:03:43 Worms, Marcel
Frozen Blues00:05:00
8 Frozen Blues 00:05:29 Worms, Marcel
Ubu Blues00:01:00
9 Ubu Blues 00:01:13 Worms, Marcel
Warum Blues00:04:00
10 Warum Blues 00:04:08 Worms, Marcel
Nganda Blues00:04:00
11 Nganda Blues 00:03:36 Worms, Marcel
The Barpianist00:06:00
12 The Barpianist 00:06:10 Worms, Marcel
Monsieur Bee Line-eccentric00:05:00
13 Monsieur Bee Line-eccentric 00:04:51 Worms, Marcel
Honky Tonk Blues00:02:00
14 Honky Tonk Blues 00:02:27 Worms, Marcel
Off and On Situation Blues00:01:50
15 Off and On Situation Blues 00:01:54 Worms, Marcel
Blues on a Bright Background00:08:00
16 Blues on a Bright Background 00:07:38 Worms, Marcel
Marce Bars00:04:00
17 Marce Bars 00:03:39 Worms, Marcel
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