Two Minutes

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Award-winning recording artist and renowned flutist Iwona Glinka presents a recital composed of 53 pieces by 40 composers from 14 countries whose creativity is rooted in various popular trends in the 21st century. These pearls were created somewhat off the beaten track of the artistic activity of their creators, commonly associated with other forms and different instruments. Iwona Glinka decided to create a fascinating interpretation for the music lovers and she chose to record all works for two flutes by her self! Dr Iwona Glinka is a soloist, educator, recording artist, orchestral and chamber musician, and leading performer of new and experimental music. She founded the Phasma-Music Ensemble in 2016, where she currently serves as the artistic director in addition to playing many concerts a year as an ensemble member. She has given dozens of solo recitals with classical and contemporary repertoire and has appeared as Principal Flautist with orchestras and chamber ensembles throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.
Item number Phasma004
Barcode 660989085582
Release date 9/21/2018
Category Classical Music
Number of units 2
Classical Artist Glinka, Iwona
Disc: 1
Dance for Apollo00:02:00
1 Dance for Apollo 00:02:19 Glinka, Iwona
2 Satsang 00:02:34 Glinka, Iwona
3 Bags 00:02:16 Glinka, Iwona
4 Fluet 00:01:41 Glinka, Iwona
5 Scherzettino 00:02:25 Glinka, Iwona
Scherzo ala polonaise00:02:00
6 Scherzo ala polonaise 00:02:07 Glinka, Iwona
7 Uknown 00:02:05 Glinka, Iwona
Sorrow for Two00:02:00
8 Sorrow for Two 00:02:04 Glinka, Iwona
Follow the White Rabbit00:02:00
9 Follow the White Rabbit 00:02:42 Glinka, Iwona
Across the Sea00:10:00
10 Across the Sea: I. Cast Off 00:02:15 Glinka, Iwona
11 Across the Sea: II. Wind Is Coming Up 00:02:05 Glinka, Iwona
12 Across the Sea: III. In the Fog 00:02:06 Glinka, Iwona
13 Across the Sea: IV. Wind Force 2 to 6 00:01:55 Glinka, Iwona
14 Across the Sea: V. Downwind Towards the Destinatio 00:02:05 Glinka, Iwona
15 Micropraxis 00:03:02 Glinka, Iwona
Arupadhatu: The Formless World00:02:00
16 The Formless World 00:02:22 Glinka, Iwona
Grace and Gratitude00:02:00
17 Grace and Gratitude 00:02:08 Glinka, Iwona
18 Chase 00:01:56 Glinka, Iwona
Diavoli Blu (Blue Devils)00:02:00
19 Diavoli blu 00:02:00 Glinka, Iwona
20 Divertimento 00:02:04 Glinka, Iwona
Church Bells in a Wasteland00:02:00
21 Church Bells in a Wasteland 00:02:05 Glinka, Iwona
Cartes postales00:02:00
22 Cartes postales: III. Fossil Forest 00:02:10 Glinka, Iwona
23 Lamentabile 00:01:59 Glinka, Iwona
24 Gratus 00:02:24 Glinka, Iwona
Louie and Lulu00:02:00
25 Louie and Lulu 00:02:00 Glinka, Iwona
The Stormless Breaths of Gentle Winds00:02:00
26 The Stormless Breaths of Gentle Winds 00:02:03 Glinka, Iwona
Lune d' août00:02:00
27 Lune d'août 00:02:00 Glinka, Iwona
Disc: 2
1 Antichiseis 00:02:33 Glinka, Iwona
2 Remplage 00:02:39 Glinka, Iwona
3 Schattengesang 00:01:55 Glinka, Iwona
4 Lépia 00:02:26 Glinka, Iwona
5 Highfalutin 00:02:12 Glinka, Iwona
µMesse (MicroMass)00:02:00
6 µMesse (Micromass) 00:02:28 Glinka, Iwona
Exotic Delight00:02:00
7 Exotic Delight 00:02:12 Glinka, Iwona
Dancing in the Dusk00:02:00
8 Dancing in the Dusk 00:02:15 Glinka, Iwona
Van Gogh Vignettes (version for 2 flutes)00:08:00
9 Van Gogh Vignettes (Version for 2 Flutes): I. The 00:01:55 Glinka, Iwona
10 Van Gogh Vignettes (Version for 2 Flutes): II. Sea 00:01:49 Glinka, Iwona
11 Van Gogh Vignettes (Version for 2 Flutes): III. St 00:02:40 Glinka, Iwona
12 Van Gogh Vignettes (Version for 2 Flutes): IV. Whe 00:01:51 Glinka, Iwona
Classical Prelude00:02:00
13 Classical Prelude 00:01:55 Glinka, Iwona
Mysterious Dream00:02:00
14 Mysterious Dream 00:01:49 Glinka, Iwona
Chromatic Fantasy00:02:00
15 Chromatic Fantasy 00:02:01 Glinka, Iwona
Chromatic Variations00:02:00
16 Chromatic Variations 00:02:25 Glinka, Iwona
17 Fluet 00:01:55 Glinka, Iwona
18 Homophony 00:02:10 Glinka, Iwona
19 Heterophony 00:02:27 Glinka, Iwona
20 Antilalos 00:02:21 Glinka, Iwona
21 Pedesis 00:02:16 Glinka, Iwona
22 Minuetto 00:02:05 Glinka, Iwona
La marche des canards00:02:00
23 La marche des canards 00:02:01 Glinka, Iwona
24 Rayogram 00:02:23 Glinka, Iwona
Film Noir Trailer00:02:00
25 Film Noir Trailer 00:02:19 Glinka, Iwona
26 Dialogando 00:01:59 Glinka, Iwona
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