Veri solis radius: Gregorian Chants

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Vox Nostra, a Berlin-based vocal ensemble founded in 1999 by Burkard Wehner, specializes in the performance of medieval music. The main focus of the group is the interpretation of the earliest surviving compositions from the cultural centers of Europe. The members of Vox Nostra have pursued extensive scholarship in the fields of musicology, medieval paleography and theology. The program of Veri Solis Radius, a concert recording, demonstrates the manifold relationships between European cultural centers - even over great distances - and the mutations that the music underwent in the process.
Item number KuK119
Barcode 4260005910926
Release date 10/9/2015
Category Vocal
Number of units 1
Ensemble Vox Nostra
Disc: 1
Vexilla regis prodeunt [13th Century, Italy, Bibli00:03:00
1 Perugia, MS 2793: Vexilla regis prodeunt 00:02:32 Vox Nostra
Deus in adiutorium intende laborantium [Early 12th00:03:00
2 Paris, MS 1139: Deus in adiutorium intende laboran 00:02:45 Vox Nostra
Cunctipotens genitor Deus [Early 12th Century, Aqu00:07:00
3 Paris, MS 1139: Cunctipotens genitor Deus 00:07:03 Vox Nostra
Rex virginum amator [13th Century, Scotland, St. A00:03:00
4 St. Andrews, Codex Helmst. 628: Rex virginum amato 00:02:47 Vox Nostra
Veri solis radius [Early 12th Century, Aquitaine, 00:05:00
5 Paris, MS 3719: Veri solis radius 00:04:44 Vox Nostra
Stirps Iesse, Vers Virgo Dei genitrix [13th Centur00:06:00
6 Worcester, MS F. 160: Stirps Iesse - Virgo Dei gen 00:06:27 Vox Nostra
Patris ingeniti filius [12th Century, Aquitaine: B00:06:00
7 London, MS Add. 36881: Patris ingeniti filius 00:05:32 Vox Nostra
Psalm 113, "In exitu Israel de Aegypto" [13th Cent00:05:00
8 London, MS Add. 24686: In exitu Israel de Aegypto 00:04:38 Vox Nostra
Laudes Deo [13th Century, Scotland, St. Andrews: H00:05:00
9 St. Andrews, Codex Helmst. 628: Laudes Deo 00:04:38 Vox Nostra
Ad superni regis decus - Noster cetus [Early 12th 00:08:00
10 Codex Calixtinus: Ad superni regis decus - Paris, 00:07:35 Vox Nostra
Lux lucis [13th Century, Scotland, St. Andrews: HA00:05:00
11 St. Andrews, Codex Helmstadt 628: Lux lucis 00:04:39 Vox Nostra
Stirps Jesse [Early 12th Century, Aquitaine: Bibl.00:04:00
12 Paris, MS 1139: Stirps Jesse 00:03:33 Vox Nostra
Deus in adiutorium intende laborantium [13th Centu00:03:00
13 Bamberg Codex: Deus in adiutorium intende laborant 00:02:40 Vox Nostra
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