Women in Love (Unabridged)

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D. H. Lawrence is valued by many as a significant representative of modernism in English literature, and a visionary thinker. Considered the most widely read novel of the twentieth century, D. H. Lawrence’s fiery fifth book continues the loves and lives of The Rainbow’s Brangwen sisters, Gudrun and Ursula. Gerald Crich, son of a wealthy colliery owner, captures the heart of Gudrun, while Ursula becomes enamoured with Rupert Birkin, a school inspector- their complex relationship likely modeled on that between Lawrence, his wife Frieda, and John Middleton Murry and Katherine Mansfield. Things are far from harmonious, and the discord and conflict leads to many heated and elaborate philosophical discussions about modern society and the nature of love, while tragedy looms large. Lawrence held this to be his best book, and F.R. Leavis regarded it to be his most profound and rewarding.
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Release date 10/13/2017
Category Spoken Word
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Non-Classical Artist Slack, Paul
Disc: 1
Women in Love (Unabridged)18:30:00
1 Women in Love 00:08:22 Slack, Paul
2 Gudrun knew she was being admired. 00:12:53 Slack, Paul
3 Her son was of a fair, sun-tanned type… 00:10:53 Slack, Paul
4 The bridegroom and the groomsman… 00:12:26 Slack, Paul
5 Chapter 2: Shortlands 00:08:28 Slack, Paul
6 Just as he had decided this one of the Crich… 00:09:49 Slack, Paul
7 Birkin, thinking about race or national death… 00:08:05 Slack, Paul
Disc: 2
Women in Love (Unabridged)18:30:00
1 Chapter 3: Class-room 00:08:07 Slack, Paul
2 Her absorption was strange, almost rhapsodic. 00:09:09 Slack, Paul
3 'You are merely making words,' he said. 00:10:46 Slack, Paul
4 Chapter 4: Diver 00:08:23 Slack, Paul
5 'Frightful!' cried Gudrun. 'And isn't it horrible… 00:08:21 Slack, Paul
6 Chapter 5: In the Train 00:11:37 Slack, Paul
7 Gerald looked with a long, twinkling… 00:10:13 Slack, Paul
Disc: 3
Women in Love (Unabridged)18:30:00
1 Chapter 6: Crème de Menthe 00:10:33 Slack, Paul
2 Halliday came and sat at the table, putting… 00:09:54 Slack, Paul
3 'I'm not,' she protested. ‘I’m not afwaid…' 00:08:41 Slack, Paul
4 They arrived at a large block of buildings… 00:08:49 Slack, Paul
5 Chapter 7: Fetish 00:13:06 Slack, Paul
6 Chapter 8: Breadalby 00:11:13 Slack, Paul
7 'Silent upon a peak in Dariayn.'… 00:10:16 Slack, Paul
Disc: 4
Women in Love (Unabridged)18:30:00
1 Hermione came down to dinner strange… 00:09:16 Slack, Paul
2 The house being full, Gerald was given… 00:09:49 Slack, Paul
3 The morning was again sunny… 00:09:22 Slack, Paul
4 The first to run across the lawn… 00:07:40 Slack, Paul
5 Gerald knitted his brows in momentary irritation. 00:07:50 Slack, Paul
6 She was not swift, she could only move slowly. 00:10:19 Slack, Paul
7 Chapter 9: Coal-Dust 00:09:28 Slack, Paul
8 Again there was a cautious pause. 00:06:48 Slack, Paul
Disc: 5
Women in Love (Unabridged)18:30:00
1 It was the same every evening… 00:07:14 Slack, Paul
2 Chapter 10: Sketch-Book 00:10:38 Slack, Paul
3 Chapter 11: An island 00:09:50 Slack, Paul
4 'But,' said Ursula sadly, 'that doesn't alter…' 00:08:00 Slack, Paul
5 Ursula disliked him. But also she felt she had los 00:09:12 Slack, Paul
6 Chapter 12: Carpeting 00:08:04 Slack, Paul
7 Then they moved across, through the hall… 00:09:25 Slack, Paul
8 'And, of course,' he said to Gerald… 00:08:12 Slack, Paul
Disc: 6
Women in Love (Unabridged)18:30:00
1 Chapter 13: Mino 00:07:56 Slack, Paul
2 Ursula listened to this speech, her mind dumb… 00:09:43 Slack, Paul
3 Now he will find the belle sauvage once more…' 00:12:24 Slack, Paul
4 Chapter 14: Water-Party 00:11:13 Slack, Paul
5 Hermione Roddice came up, in a handsome… 00:12:08 Slack, Paul
6 The boat rustled lightly along the water. 00:08:33 Slack, Paul
7 'They are quite safe,' came Gudrun's high call. 00:05:42 Slack, Paul
Disc: 7
Women in Love (Unabridged)18:30:00
1 Gerald Crich, his face narrowing to an intent… 00:08:50 Slack, Paul
2 'I don't feel as if we were, altogether,' he repli 00:11:09 Slack, Paul
3 A dozen or more boats on the lake swung… 00:12:02 Slack, Paul
4 Again there was a splash, and he was gone under. 00:11:39 Slack, Paul
5 Ursula listened, half attentive, half avoiding… 00:12:13 Slack, Paul
6 Chapter 15: Sunday Evening 00:08:33 Slack, Paul
7 But the great, dark, illimitable kingdom of death… 00:07:54 Slack, Paul
Disc: 8
Women in Love (Unabridged)18:30:00
1 The others came in from church… 00:04:31 Slack, Paul
2 Chapter 16: Man to Man 00:08:32 Slack, Paul
3 Gerald really loved Birkin, though he never… 00:11:31 Slack, Paul
4 He looked at Birkin with penetrating eyes. 00:10:44 Slack, Paul
5 Chapter 17: The Industrial Magnate 00:09:47 Slack, Paul
6 He very rarely saw his wife. She kept her room. 00:10:48 Slack, Paul
7 There had always been opposition… 00:10:37 Slack, Paul
8 He discovered at last a real adventure… 00:07:15 Slack, Paul
Disc: 9
Women in Love (Unabridged)18:30:00
1 There was a crisis when Gerald was a boy… 00:09:15 Slack, Paul
2 Immediately he saw the firm, he realised… 00:07:51 Slack, Paul
3 Gradually Gerald got hold of everything. 00:08:29 Slack, Paul
4 Chapter 18: Rabbit 00:09:11 Slack, Paul
5 'Bonjour, Mademoiselle,' said the little French… 00:08:19 Slack, Paul
6 Gudrun stood for a moment astounded… 00:08:35 Slack, Paul
7 Chapter 19: Moony 00:09:35 Slack, Paul
8 Birkin stood and watched, motionless… 00:11:32 Slack, Paul
Disc: 10
Women in Love (Unabridged)18:30:00
1 They sat in stillness under the shadow… 00:08:39 Slack, Paul
2 Birkin thought of Gerald. He was one of these… 00:08:32 Slack, Paul
3 There was a dangerous pause. 00:10:33 Slack, Paul
4 Her father sat below, powerless in humiliation… 00:10:27 Slack, Paul
5 Chapter 20: Gladiatorial 00:10:03 Slack, Paul
6 They stopped, they discussed methods… 00:08:26 Slack, Paul
7 'Yes. You have a northern kind of beauty…' 00:08:25 Slack, Paul
8 Chapter 21: Threshold 00:07:19 Slack, Paul
Disc: 11
Women in Love (Unabridged)18:30:00
1 The next day Winifred, in a dress of silvery velve 00:08:32 Slack, Paul
2 He looked at Gudrun with dark, vacant eyes. 00:10:10 Slack, Paul
3 One day, Gudrun was to drive with Winifred… 00:11:45 Slack, Paul
4 Chapter 22: Woman to Woman 00:10:27 Slack, Paul
5 'Yes,' said Hermione, slowly. 'I think you need…' 00:08:31 Slack, Paul
6 It was rather annoying to see him trying… 00:10:34 Slack, Paul
7 Chapter 23: Excurse 00:10:50 Slack, Paul
Disc: 12
Women in Love (Unabridged)18:30:00
1 In his inflamed, overwrought exasperation… 00:09:59 Slack, Paul
2 He felt tired and weak. Yet also he was relieved. 00:08:51 Slack, Paul
3 As they descended, they heard the Minster bells… 00:09:25 Slack, Paul
4 His voice could be so soft and happy-go-lucky… 00:07:09 Slack, Paul
5 He sat still like an Egyptian Pharaoh… 00:08:50 Slack, Paul
6 Chapter 24: Death and Love 00:08:35 Slack, Paul
7 After a while Gerald came back… 00:11:23 Slack, Paul
8 He bade her good-night, watched her across… 00:09:38 Slack, Paul
Disc: 13
Women in Love (Unabridged)18:30:00
1 She looked up, and in the darkness saw his face… 00:07:55 Slack, Paul
2 Gerald nodded. Then he went on to his mother's… 00:09:14 Slack, Paul
3 As the evening of the third day came on… 00:09:10 Slack, Paul
4 Gerald stood a second suspended. He glanced… 00:09:42 Slack, Paul
5 He had come for vindication. She let him… 00:08:23 Slack, Paul
6 Ah, if only she might wake him! She turned… 00:08:19 Slack, Paul
7 Chapter 25: Marriage or Not 00:08:27 Slack, Paul
Disc: 14
Women in Love (Unabridged)18:30:00
1 Chapter 26: A Chair 00:07:49 Slack, Paul
2 She stood in the street contemplating. 00:08:37 Slack, Paul
3 'Ere's mother's cosy chair,' he said. 00:07:36 Slack, Paul
4 Chapter 27: Flitting 00:10:03 Slack, Paul
5 He held her head close against him… 00:10:22 Slack, Paul
6 It was two days after this that Ursula was… 00:09:02 Slack, Paul
7 How pleased Gudrun was to come out… 00:09:45 Slack, Paul
Disc: 15
Women in Love (Unabridged)18:30:00
1 Chapter 28: Gudrun in the Pompadour 00:07:09 Slack, Paul
2 'Isn't that the letter about uniting the dark…' 00:08:04 Slack, Paul
3 Chapter 29: Continental 00:09:03 Slack, Paul
4 A flash of a few lights on the darkness… 00:10:27 Slack, Paul
5 They had to get ready for dinner. 00:11:44 Slack, Paul
6 They came forth at last in a little high table-lan 00:10:23 Slack, Paul
7 The tables, of white scrubbed wood… 00:08:42 Slack, Paul
8 The mixture was made, the newcomers… 00:06:26 Slack, Paul
Disc: 16
Women in Love (Unabridged)18:30:00
1 They drew near to their home. They saw a man… 00:09:23 Slack, Paul
2 When they were alone in the darkness… 00:10:40 Slack, Paul
3 She sat slowly unlacing her shoes, and he too… 00:10:21 Slack, Paul
4 Gudrun knew that that song would sound… 00:10:37 Slack, Paul
5 There was a swift discussion of technicalities. 00:08:52 Slack, Paul
6 To Gudrun, there was in Loerke the rock-bottom… 00:08:16 Slack, Paul
7 Ursula, angry at being treated quite so insultingl 00:08:42 Slack, Paul
8 'Did you really slap her?' asked Gudrun, coolly. 00:07:02 Slack, Paul
Disc: 17
Women in Love (Unabridged)18:30:00
1 They made their preparations to leave… 00:12:24 Slack, Paul
2 Chapter 30: Snowed Up 00:08:41 Slack, Paul
3 So at last he was given again, warm and flexible. 00:09:48 Slack, Paul
4 He left her alone only when he went ski-ing… 00:08:25 Slack, Paul
5 How should Gerald hope to satisfy a woman… 00:08:51 Slack, Paul
6 Gerald was gradually overcome with a revulsion… 00:06:33 Slack, Paul
Disc: 18
Women in Love (Unabridged)18:30:00
1 He sat suspended in a fine recoil… 00:09:26 Slack, Paul
2 Gerald did not come in from his ski-ing… 00:10:19 Slack, Paul
3 'I don't worship Loerke, but at any rate…' 00:08:46 Slack, Paul
4 Poor Gerald, such a lot of little wheels… 00:08:36 Slack, Paul
5 'I don't know,' she said, smiling at him. 00:11:15 Slack, Paul
6 Chapter 31: Exeunt 00:08:53 Slack, Paul
7 Gerald might have found this rope. 00:10:02 Slack, Paul
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