Worzel Gummidge Again (Unabridged)

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Spending their summer holidays with Farmer Braithwaite and his wife in Scatterbrook, John and Susan come across a particularly lifelike scarecrow in a nearby field. That evening, much to the children’s surprise, the scarecrow makes an appearance in the Braithwaites’ kitchen to warm himself by the fire. He is Worzel Gummidge and he is no ordinary scarecrow. His tendency to cause mayhem wherever he goes sparks a series of mishaps and adventures, often with hilarious results. This is the first of the Worzel Gummidge novels written by Barbara Euphan Todd, originally published in 1936.
Item number NA0288
Barcode 9781781980903
Release date 9/8/2017
Category Young Adult
Number of units 5
Reader Martin, Jessica
Disc: 1
Worzel Gummidge Again (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 Worzel Gummidge Again 00:09:34 Martin, Jessica
2 Susan did her best with a handkerchief… 00:09:05 Martin, Jessica
3 Chapter 2: A School for Scarecrows 00:09:32 Martin, Jessica
4 Worzel Gummidge jerked himself upright… 00:07:43 Martin, Jessica
5 It was not until they were driving out of the fiel 00:09:29 Martin, Jessica
6 Chapter 3: Gummidge's Home 00:08:35 Martin, Jessica
7 'Go and find your own hairbrushes,'… 00:08:10 Martin, Jessica
8 Chapter 4: Changing Places 00:06:38 Martin, Jessica
Disc: 2
Worzel Gummidge Again (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 They did hurry, and when they reached the big lawn 00:09:47 Martin, Jessica
2 Chapter 5: Gummidge's Cleverness 00:10:22 Martin, Jessica
3 They thought it had begun well… 00:11:12 Martin, Jessica
4 Chapter 6: Two Red Handkerchiefs 00:08:28 Martin, Jessica
5 Susan looked gratefully at the kettle… 00:09:17 Martin, Jessica
6 Chapter 7: The Caretaker 00:09:26 Martin, Jessica
7 'Electric light! Oh! Good,'… 00:11:07 Martin, Jessica
Disc: 3
Worzel Gummidge Again (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 Chapter 8: The Handy-Man 00:07:54 Martin, Jessica
2 'But you shouldn't water weeds…' 00:06:33 Martin, Jessica
3 Chapter 9: Gummidge Goes Fishing 00:11:05 Martin, Jessica
4 Gummidge took off his hat… 00:11:53 Martin, Jessica
5 Chapter 10: The Entertainment 00:07:59 Martin, Jessica
6 'The surprise item I shouldn't wonder,'… 00:08:18 Martin, Jessica
7 The audience laughed happily. 00:10:38 Martin, Jessica
8 Chapter 11: Guy and Gummidge 00:07:18 Martin, Jessica
Disc: 4
Worzel Gummidge Again (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 John looked at Susan… 00:07:26 Martin, Jessica
2 Gummidge's voice grew louder… 00:07:04 Martin, Jessica
3 Chapter 12: Fireworks and Matches 00:09:41 Martin, Jessica
4 Gummidge looked so fiercely at the children… 00:13:20 Martin, Jessica
5 Chapter 13: Constable Gummidge 00:08:49 Martin, Jessica
6 Just then the rabbit wriggled its way out of John' 00:11:20 Martin, Jessica
7 Chapter 14: The Kindness of Gummidge 00:12:09 Martin, Jessica
Disc: 5
Worzel Gummidge Again (Unabridged)00:00:00
1 But though John and Susan went to Ten-acre Field… 00:06:29 Martin, Jessica
2 Chapter 15: Tapioca Pudding 00:08:49 Martin, Jessica
3 If Mrs. Bloomsbury-Barton had not been… 00:10:08 Martin, Jessica
4 Chapter 16: The Christmas Party 00:09:57 Martin, Jessica
5 'I think it's Gummidge's rabbit,' said Susan. 00:07:57 Martin, Jessica
6 Chapter 17: Gummidge's Reindeer 00:10:30 Martin, Jessica
7 Mrs. Bloomsbury-Barton, who had been looking more… 00:12:09 Martin, Jessica
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