Worzel Gummidge and Saucy Nancy (Unabridged)

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When Worzel hears that John and Susan have gone on holiday to the seaside, he decides that he and Earthy Mangold should join them. In the town of Seashell he finds a kindred spirit in the ship’s figurehead, Saucy Nancy, and many dramas follow, including one in which Earthy Mangold is swept out to sea. This is the fourth in the series of Barbara Euphan Todd’s Worzel Gummidge novels and it dates from 1947. The Worzel Gummidge stories were broadcast on the popular Children’s Hour on British radio and two of them were featured in TV’s Jackanory. 1979 saw the birth of a successful television series based on Worzel Gummidge and other characters from the books, with Jon Pertwee playing the eponymous scarecrow, which still has a dedicated following to this day. The book is read by the multi-talented Jessica Martin, who infuses the stories with excitement.
Item number NA0290
Barcode 9781781980941
Release date 11/10/2017
Category Young Adult
Number of units 4
Reader Martin, Jessica
Disc: 1
Worzel Gummidge and Saucy Nancy (Unabridged)04:40:00
1 Worzel Gummidge and Saucy Nancy 00:09:42 Martin, Jessica
2 The farmer drove round to the stables… 00:10:42 Martin, Jessica
3 Chapter 2 00:11:34 Martin, Jessica
4 'There!' said John, and his voice sounded happy. 00:11:50 Martin, Jessica
5 Chapter 3: The next day, though it seemed longer 00:11:09 Martin, Jessica
6 Gummidge's face screwed up unhappily… 00:10:51 Martin, Jessica
Disc: 2
Worzel Gummidge and Saucy Nancy (Unabridged)04:40:00
1 Chapter 4 00:07:37 Martin, Jessica
2 Saucy Nancy closed her lips so firmly that the chi 00:09:38 Martin, Jessica
3 'There you are, children,' gasped Mrs. Bloomsbury- 00:10:20 Martin, Jessica
4 Chapter 5 00:08:38 Martin, Jessica
5 Before he could say anything more… 00:10:15 Martin, Jessica
6 Chapter 6 00:08:47 Martin, Jessica
7 Earthy Mangold put a hand on the wooden bump… 00:10:31 Martin, Jessica
8 Chapter 7 00:05:02 Martin, Jessica
Disc: 3
Worzel Gummidge and Saucy Nancy (Unabridged)04:40:00
1 'P'raps,' said Susan hastily… 00:07:02 Martin, Jessica
2 Mr. Bertrand's nose was less dignified than his vo 00:07:56 Martin, Jessica
3 Chapter 8 00:09:39 Martin, Jessica
4 'They ought to set the whole lot on 'em up in the 00:10:04 Martin, Jessica
5 William!' cried Mrs. Dicks… 00:10:22 Martin, Jessica
6 Chapter 9 00:10:25 Martin, Jessica
7 'Well, singing in the bath is one thing…' 00:12:31 Martin, Jessica
8 Chapter 10 00:02:56 Martin, Jessica
Disc: 4
Worzel Gummidge and Saucy Nancy (Unabridged)04:40:00
1 John and Susan hated to think how Saucy Nancy… 00:07:06 Martin, Jessica
2 'Bring me a bucket of sea water…' 00:07:50 Martin, Jessica
3 Chapter 11 00:11:01 Martin, Jessica
4 At first John and Susan could see nothing… 00:11:16 Martin, Jessica
5 Chapter 12 00:10:51 Martin, Jessica
6 Earthy shuddered so violently… 00:10:41 Martin, Jessica
7 A little way out to sea… 00:14:04 Martin, Jessica
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