Worzel Gummidge Takes a Holiday (Unabridged)

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John and Susan are back at Scatterbrook – this time in May, though that makes little difference to the havoc caused by Worzel Gummidge and his fellow scarecrows, Earthy Mangold and Hannah Harrow. Unfortunate results ensue from their antics, including a swarm of bees invading the living room of Mrs Bloomsbury-Barton, and Worzel has a go at flying before coming down to earth with a crash. First published in 1949, this is the fifth in the series of Barbara Euphan Todd’s Worzel Gummidge novels.The book is read by the multi-talented Jessica Martin, who infuses the stories with verve and excitement.
Item number NA0291
Barcode 9781781980965
Release date 12/8/2017
Category Young Adult
Number of units 6
Reader Martin, Jessica
Disc: 1
Worzel Gummidge Takes a Holiday06:24:00
1 Worzel Gummidge Takes a Holiday 00:10:23 Martin, Jessica
2 Worzel Gummidge paused to throw a leaf into the wa 00:09:50 Martin, Jessica
3 Chapter 2: Earthy Mangold's Straw Bonnet 00:09:52 Martin, Jessica
4 'I wasn't swanking,' interrupted Susan furiously. 00:09:53 Martin, Jessica
5 Mrs. Bloomsbury-Barton scurried into the middle of 00:13:49 Martin, Jessica
6 Chapter 3: Worzel Gummidge and the Golden Bird 00:07:07 Martin, Jessica
7 Gummidge's voice was sulky… 00:09:41 Martin, Jessica
Disc: 2
Worzel Gummidge Takes a Holiday06:24:00
1 It was not until the scarecrows had left… 00:09:40 Martin, Jessica
2 The weathercock stretched out its neck… 00:09:43 Martin, Jessica
3 'Oh! Isn't the bantam a pet!' said Susan. 00:10:43 Martin, Jessica
4 Chapter 4: Gummidge Flies High 00:11:30 Martin, Jessica
5 Mildew Turmut waved her red flag… 00:12:27 Martin, Jessica
6 Chapter 5: Scairey Gummidge 00:13:46 Martin, Jessica
Disc: 3
Worzel Gummidge Takes a Holiday06:24:00
1 The search for Worzel Gummidge did not take very l 00:08:40 Martin, Jessica
2 Poor little Earthy looked so sad… 00:10:11 Martin, Jessica
3 Chapter 6: Scairey Gummidge and the Two Aunts 00:11:23 Martin, Jessica
4 Mrs. Bloomsbury-Barton pointed towards an empty st 00:11:02 Martin, Jessica
5 Chapter 7: The Aunts Again 00:09:43 Martin, Jessica
6 The little scarecrow jerked herself creakily to he 00:10:22 Martin, Jessica
7 Chapter 8: Worzel Gummidge Goes Shopping 00:05:25 Martin, Jessica
Disc: 4
Worzel Gummidge Takes a Holiday06:24:00
1 Worzel Gummidge, followed by Earthy Mangold… 00:11:56 Martin, Jessica
2 Noisy sobbing from the little girl made an interru 00:13:47 Martin, Jessica
3 Chapter 9: The White Elephant Stall 00:09:22 Martin, Jessica
4 There was a pause while the children waited breath 00:09:18 Martin, Jessica
5 'We're coming too,' said John… 00:10:16 Martin, Jessica
6 Chapter 10: Barge Ahoy! 00:11:09 Martin, Jessica
Disc: 5
Worzel Gummidge Takes a Holiday06:24:00
1 Aunt Sally, the foremost of her three legs planted 00:09:40 Martin, Jessica
2 'Perhaps the people on board will help,' said Susa 00:10:09 Martin, Jessica
3 Chapter 11: Aunt Sally Takes Charge 00:10:47 Martin, Jessica
4 Hannah's voice was a little muffled… 00:09:44 Martin, Jessica
5 'It should be able to count…' 00:11:58 Martin, Jessica
6 Chapter 12: Saucy Nancy's Return 00:08:52 Martin, Jessica
Disc: 6
Worzel Gummidge Takes a Holiday06:24:00
1 Worzel Gummidge looked as though he were about to… 00:09:56 Martin, Jessica
2 It was difficult to explain ordinariness… 00:09:48 Martin, Jessica
3 Chapter 13: Upsidaisy Takes Charge 00:09:58 Martin, Jessica
4 'They sent the yacht by rail with me fixed to it…' 00:10:20 Martin, Jessica
5 John and Susan looked down into the broad band of 00:11:59 Martin, Jessica
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